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If you don't know where to start, give us a call. We'll talk through your vision, offer our suggestions, and work with you to make it come to life. We're passionate about providing extraordinary entertainment, so nothing is off limits. Don't hold back! Make your big event one to remember. 

Extensive Experience

With over 10 years in the business, our group has played at hundreds of unique events. Rest assured, you’re in great hands with our crew

Complete Customization

From the music selection to the decorative Up Lighting to the Custom Monogram Light, party planners can lay down the framework for an entirely unparalleled event

Client Collaboration

We want to do everything we can to bring our customers' vision to life. By working closely with our clients, we operate as a team to set the stage for the celebration they have in mind

The Difference

At J. Kelly productions, we understand that the DJ’s role is much more than hitting the play button. It’s about the energy they bring. It’s about the personality behind the decks that gets the crowd primed and ready to party. It’s about making the lighting pop and getting the right vibe going on the dance floor.

J. Kelly Productions brings the WOW factor to ensure your guests will be talking about your party for years to come. We play at all types of parties: weddings, corporate events and private parties. We offer customizable packages to our clients so they can have everything they’re expecting for a big bash. Let us take care of you.

Wedding Wire Couples Choice
Jacob Kelly of J. Kelly Productions
Photo Credit: Pedigo Photography

J. Kelly Productions went above & beyond at my wedding! He did everything I asked and kept my guest very entertained. I was so worried about having one of those weddings where there is an empty dance floor, but not mine! Every soul in the room was up on their feet the whole night! My wedding took 12 months to plan and he checked in with me constantly from the time I signed my contract. He was on time and some great light effects! Would give 10 stars if I could!!! Very pleased!

- Ashleigh

J. Kelly Productions is by far my favorite DJ in Houston! I have worked with him on multiple events over the last few years, and every one is always flawless. From a coordinator's perspective, I couldn't ask for a better vendor. He's easy to work with, always in a great mood, extremely responsive and professional, and most importantly, he keeps the dance floor full all night! He can read a crowd incredibly well and knows how to adapt and keep the energy up throughout the entire wedding. He is also a fantastic MC - a skill that is crucial for any event to be successful. Bottom line - Jacob is the BEST and I recommend him to anyone who will listen!

- Amy

My wife and I got married back in October 2016 and Jacob did an amazing job playing at our wedding. Words can't even express the fun and the compliments we received with J. Kelly Productions. He does a great job mixing up his playlist as well as taking request from guests to make sure everyone hears what they like. The best part was instead of a final dance with my wife and I, they decided to get everyone in a circle while my wife and I stood in the middle singing along to friends in low places and made it such a memorable final song. After working weddings also I will tell you that a DJ is the most important part of it.

- Shelby

Fantastic DJ who kept everyone dancing through the night and great choice of music. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a fun reception that everyone will be talking about for a long time. We even had our guests telling us what a great job he did and how great of a time they had!

- Shaun

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Congratulations! You’re about to embark on the journey of a lifetime. Weddings are a wonderful time to celebrate Love and Happiness. When it comes to picking out a playlist for such a special occasion, keeping everyone happy can be challenging. But music is a universal language. If the melody moves you and the beat makes you wanna bounce, chances are it’ll get everybody up and grooving. 

But this is your Big Day. Do you want a symbolic ballad playing as you walk down the aisle? Want to hear the old 80’s song you danced to the night you fell in love? We’re here to make your dreams come true. Weddings are beautiful, but they can be stressful. J. Kelly Productions will take the stress of music and lighting for your wedding off your shoulders — we got this.

Corporate Events

Corporate events can be a real treat when they’re done right. To avoid the title of “boring work party", call J. Kelly Productions. Our energetic DJs know how to create a party that engages all of your guests. Too often you see people at corporate events hugging the walls, unsure of the vibe. Setting a festive atmosphere is key to making sure everyone has a good time. 

Break the typical corporate mold with dazzling lighting! Adding special effects boosts the ambience of any event. Whether it’s a grand opening, product launch or employee appreciation party, you want your employees and their guests to feel like they can let loose. Lighting is a simple and colorful way to keep the party going. 

Colleagues dancing to the sounds of J. Kelly Productions at a corporate party
Photo Credit: JW Baugh Photography

Holiday & Private Parties

Nothing is worse than hearing “Jingle Bell Rock” more than twice at your Christmas party. “Thriller” is a classic Halloween anthem, but there’s plenty of other spooky songs to hear. Let us provide the soundtrack to your celebratory evening. We have lists of music on deck to keep the party alive late into the night. 

Don’t forget to set the mood! Your crowd can be transported into a different world with the right effects. Luckily, we’re a one stop shop for music and lighting. At J. Kelly Productions, we know how to keep spirits high. When we hear the collective “AH!” of delight, we know we’ve made your shindig a success.

You can customize every part of your experience with us: share your special requests and tell us what you don’t want to hear. If you’re thinking bigger, we’re ready to bring out the big guns. We can play at clubs, dance halls, or bars. Our state-of-the-art equipment brings the sound to fit the venue. We’re eager to talk through the details with you - give us a call! 

A happy guest dances the night away at her family's reunion
Photo Credit: Binford Creative

Ready To Party?

Planning a gathering can be stressful. We’re standing by, ready to help with any queries you may have. Please feel free to share any question, comment or concern. Shoot us a message in the form below with the details of your event and one of our expert planners will reach out to you.

On the day of the event, you’ll be glad you connected with us. Our crew is flexible, versatile, and able to accommodate almost any request. We’ll be anything you need. The DJs can emcee the whole show or fade into the background. Our lights can turn a dimly lit dance floor into the hottest club. We’re up for anything. Are you ready to party?

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Retainer required?

Yes, $250 retainer is  required to hold the date

What is included in wedding ceremony services?

A separate sound system from the one used for the reception, one lapel microphone for the officiant, and all music as guests are being seated and during wedding processional & recessional

What if I’m having live music such as a string quartet for my ceremony? Do I still need ceremony services?

We highly recommend using the ceremony services. Without your officiant having the microphone how will all of your guests be able to hear your vows and the words being spoken by the officiant?

What if we have musicians for the ceremony that need to plug into your sound system for the ceremony is that possible?

Absolutely! We can either provide the necessary cords at an additional charge or as long as the musicians bring all the required cords they are more than welcome to plug into our sound system.

We are planning on reading our own vows. Do you have an extra microphone available for us to use?

We can provide a wireless handheld microphone for you and your partner if necessary. Just ask us how to add it to your package!

What do I do if my cocktail hour is in a seperate area from my reception?

Not a problem at all, We can provide an add an extra speaker to your entertainment package during this time to ensure your guests have music during all points of the event.

What if we want music in multiple rooms?

We can provide additional speakers for all these areas and wirelessly run sound to them so no guests goes without music or hearing any special announcements.

How do we choose our music for our event?

We provide each of our clients with planning forms to allow them to customize their musical taste for their event. For example, wedding clients would be given a ceremony & reception planning form as well as a form which lists all the top 15 songs for each event (Bride processional, Grand Entrance, Cake Cutting, Etc.)

Can we meet the DJ/MC?

Yes, all you need to do is reach out to us and we will set up a time for you to sit down with your assigned DJ so you can ask any and all questions you would like.

How many events does each DJ/MC do per day?

We only allow each DJ to do 1 event per day. We want to ensure that your event is the main focus for that day.

How many meetings do we have with our DJ?

We don’t limit our clients to the amount of meetings they can have with their DJ. Most of these can be done either in-person or on the phone, but typically we do 2 meetings. The initial consultation and the final details meetings 10-14 days out from your event.

What is dance floor lighting?

Dance floor lights are a bar of lights that is setup next to the DJ’s booth. We only turn them during times when we open the dance floor. They go to the beat of the music and create a simple color wash over the dance floor. They help to bring energy into the room and let all your guests know it’s time to get up and PARTY!!!

What are Up-Lights?

Up-lights are lights placed around the perimeter of the room and shine up the wall. We set them to a single color at the beginning of the event to coordinate with the other colors chosen by the client. Then, if the client chooses we put them on sound-activated once we open the dance floor. They help create a brilliant high energy atmosphere for you and your guests to dance the night away.

Will Dance Floor Lights & Up-Lights make me and my guests look all kinds of crazy colors in my photos?

This is a valid question. We understand you paid a lot of money for your photographer, and don’t want a multi-colored outfit you didn’t choose in all your pictures! The simple answer is no, I’ve talked with multiple photgraphers about this and their flash cancels out all the lighting. The only type of lighting it will not cancel out is laser lights. And for this reason, J. Kelly Productions does not use any such lighting.

What is the Custom Monogram Light?

This is a light used to basically put your name in lights or stamp on your chosen venue for the night. Clients choose from multiple pre-designed templates, or have the opportunity to submit custom artwork. Then we shine it either in the center of the dance floor or on any wall you choose.

What types of events do you do?

We do everything from weddings, private parties, corporate events, proms, birthdays, etc. If it requires an experienced, high energy DJ….we are there!

Can we come to one of your events and see you DJ?

Unfortunatly, no. We don’t invite outside guests to another clients event. Same as you would be wondering who the strange people were at your event looking intently at the DJ. The best way to see the quality of service we provide is to check out our reviews online via Wedding Wire and The Knot.

Do you stick to a playlist when you are DJ’ing an event?

Yes and No. We do create a playlist of all the songs submitted by our clients but we pull from those as well as read the crowd to what types of music they are moving to and then play similar artists and multiple genres of music to ensure we include every age group on the dance floor.

Do you have the “Clean” versions of popular songs?

Yes, we always make sure we play the radio edited versions of all songs

What makes hiring a DJ Versus a band better?

First, the great thing about hiring a DJ is that we can play every single song that a band would play. We are experienced MC’s, meaning we make all the announcements and stick to the flow of the agreed upon timeline. We have a multitude of songs we can choose from versus a set list of songs. We are able to take guest’s music request. And the biggest thing in my opinion is….We DON'T have to take breaks!

What does MC mean?

Plain and simple, Master of Ceremonies. We are in charge of making all the announcements throughout the event. We ensure that every detail is in place before we start any special events throughout the event. We direct the guest’s attention as to what is taking place. We ensure that we follow the timeline so there are no lulls throughout the event

Do you drink during the event?

Other than water and the occasional soda… ABSOLUTELY NOT! Each of our clients have entrusted us with one of the most important parts of their event….The Entertainment...and we would not jeopardize that.